Axel Klimek 3p: Our philosophy

Aligning purpose, performance and profit

Over the past few centuries, humankind's technological development has far outstripped its ethical development. As a result of our actions, we are facing environmental, humanitarian and social crises, and new problems are emerging daily. Will we succeed in turning this situation around, or will we continue blindly along the same path with all the negative consequences?

Business enterprises wield great power and play a decisive role in choosing the path we take and the consequences we will face. Concepts such as Integrated Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility can be drivers of fundamental change. Used intelligently, they have a positive impact on existing problems, and at the same time, by functioning as a feedback loop, they help stabilise and enhance company performance.

Aligning purpose

Axel Klimek 3p supports you in translating external demands for credible corporate responsibility into new business opportunities.

Aligning performance

Axel Klimek 3p draws together all available resources in integrating sustainability into your corporate culture so that it is expressed in all decisions - large and small - taken every day in your organisation.

Aligning profit

Axel Klimek 3p helps you combine purpose and performance as long-term success factors in securing your company's profitability. This approach can be applied in both narrowly defined business areas and large-scale change processes.